A‑Life Signature‑i

We cannot prevent unfortunate events from happening but we can ease the financial strain they cause. As you may be burdened with additional difficulties should you suffer from disability or critical illness. 

About A‑Life Signature‑i

All these years, you have been their provider and protector. You’ve wiped away every tear. Comforted and strengthened them in tough times. Family is not just an important thing, it’s everything. And you’ve worked hard to build a great financial foundation for them. Now, as you plan for their future, you find yourself asking the unthinkable, “Who will take care of them when I am not around?” Introducing A-Life Signature-i, an investment-linked Takaful plan designed for the one you loved most. Choose the period of coverage and amount you want to pay every month. With additional optional benefits, you are also protected against critical illnesses.

What Does It Provided?

High Non-Medical Limit!

Coverage up to RM 1.5 million may not need to go for medical checkup5

Enhance Your Protection!

Protect yourself against critical illness with the optional benefits:
• A-Plus CriticalCare-i – pays you a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis
of critical illness
• A-Plus Waiver-i – waives the regular contribution upon diagnosis of critical illness

Shariah Compliant Solutions!

Enjoy Shariah compliant protection

Meet your financial goals with Islamic investment instruments

A Closer Look At The Benefits

A-Life Signature-i is a Shariah-compliant fixed regular contribution investment-linked Takaful plan which covers death including accidental death or death during Hajj or Umrah and total permanent disability (TPD). You may choose the contribution payment term and coverage term that suit your budget and needs. This plan gives you flexibility for early withdrawals and to top-up your investment amount. In addition, you can also enjoy critical illness coverage at additional cost.


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