Life is full of risks but your healthcare shouldn’t be one of them. Today, with longer life expectancy and the ever-increasing cost of medical treatments, you need to ensure you have sufficient medical coverage. 

A‑Plus Med​Booster

A-Plus MedBooster complements A-Plus Med and A-Life Med Regular to increase your medical protection levels to help you cope with rising medical costs.

A‑Plus Hospital​Income & A‑Plus Hospital​Income Extra

A-Plus Hospital Income and A-Plus Hospital Income Extra enhance your traditional life and investment-linked plans, respectively, by providing you with a daily income while hospitalised due to illness or injury.

A-Life Med Regular

A-Life Med Regular is a medical plan with no lifetime limit that takes care of your and your family’s medical needs.

A-Plus BabyCare

A-Plus BabyCare is an optional add-on policy that you can purchase to enhance coverage during your pregnancy as well as your child’s early years.

A-Plus Med

A-Plus Med is a comprehensive medical plan that has an increasing annual limit so you can be certain of always having adequate medical protection for yourself and your loved ones.