2013 National Top 3 District Manager

Stallion Group provides more than just financial advisory services covering the full range of financial needs throughout your lifetime. According to our article quoted “Think of us as your lifelong financial confidantes, always there to help apply broad-based solutions in thoughtful and meaningful ways”.
I have only managed to chance upon your entry after so many months. Wonder whether you have approached your financial advisory representative in Stallion group. I am can assure you will definitely enrich yourself and benefit with your as their 1st appointment to subsequent ones are all very systematic and clear and precise approach process.

What We Achieve?

  • 2003 Central Region Top Rookie Unit Manager
  • 2003 National 1st Runner-up Unit Manager
  • 2004 Central Region 1st Runner-up Unit Manager
  • 2005 Central Regional 1st Runner-up Unit Manager
  • 2005 National 4th Runner-up Unit Manager
  • 2006 Central Region Top Unit Manager
  • 2006 National 2nd Runner-up Unit Manager

  • 2007 National 2nd Runner-up Rookie District Manager
  • Million Dollar Agency from 2008 ~ 2014
  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Klang Branch Top District Manager
  • 2013 National Top 3 District Manager

  • Our Achievement 2003 30.8%
  • Our Achievement 2006 45%
  • Our Achievement 2010 55.2%
  • Our Achievement 2014 65.9%