Rainy days, dream holidays, kids’ education, retirement – whatever you’re saving up for, it’s important that you have the right plan to start growing your nest. Make your money work harder for you with our wide range of savings plans, or maximise your potential returns with our investment plans. 


A-EnrichGold is a short-pay savings plan that offers guaranteed cash payments and potential investment gains, allowing you to maximise the return on your money.

A‑Plus Enrich​20

Everyone needs a financial plan that will help them realise their goals. If you’re looking to enhance your savings and protection, A-Plus Enrich20 is an option you can add on to your A-Enrich20 plan to meet your changing needs.


A-EduAchieve is a unique plan that combines savings, protection and investment elements to help you grow the money you want to set aside for your children’s education.


A-InvestLink is an investment-linked plan that is designed to help you maximise the return on your investments.


A-Enrich20 is a savings plan that gives you guaranteed cash payments and increases your insurance cover.