When you see a group of galloping horses on the prairie, one led cluster, running at the head, that is STALLION.

Working class often thinks they are chores, under appreciated. They are looking forward to meeting a ‘real knight’ to appreciate them, then he/she would be able to shine in their career life. In fact, how can people see themselves as beast? Everyone should become his/her own knight, but the ‘stallion’ is the career. A ‘real knight’ shall find his/her own stallion from a group of horses. Similarly, a person’s future would depend on whether he/she could find his/her own career in order to shine in his/her own life. This is the reason that the name of our organization is chosen as Stallion Group, when our founder, Jones Yong, built the organization in 2002.

People who join our organization think they deserve a better career, a better quality of life. Like a knight choosing his own stallion, they choose their own career by choosing insurance and financial services industry. Thus, they joined Stallion Group.

Who We Truly Are

  • How will you grow up to become the person you dream to be.
  • The world is rapidly changing and it requires different ways of learning.
  • Global experiences that will not just teach you, but enables you to experiment, fail and succeed.

Our Culture

To grow, trust, respect and excel with our clients in our work.

We will build an organization with full of teamwork and team spirit for tomorrow’s financial planning for the best interest of our clients.

It will be form by the best men and women to be recruited who has the entrepreneur’s mindset.

Any Person, who follows the best system and culture of this organization, will be able to build up their business career. And enjoy better standard of living with his/her family.