Our fast-paced and demanding lifestyles have led to a significant increase in the number of illnesses and diseases. Additionally, when long term recovery is required, your income may also be affected. Protect your health, your income and your family today. 

About A‑Plus Early Critical​Care

Medical advancement has made early detection of life-threatening illnesses possible, greatly improving your chances of recovery.

A-Plus Early CriticalCare is a critical illness protection add-on policy which allows you to claim at the early stage of up to 92 critical illness events, until you are 85 years old.

What Does It Provided?

Comprehensive Critical Illness Coverage Even At Its Early Stage

You can participate in this plan for your child from as early as 14 weeks of pregnancy. If you are an A-Life Lady360 customer, you can enjoy the privilege of securing coverage for your child even if you are under 14 weeks pregnant without any medical underwriting.

Enjoy Continuous Coverage Between Claims

You can claim up to 120% of the amount you’re covered for, with no waiting period between claims.

Additional Support For Diabetic-Related Illnesses

You will receive an additional 20% of the amount you’re covered for as a one-time payout if you’re diagnosed with a diabetic-related disease covered under this plan.

A Closer Look At The Benefits

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful moments in your life. Having a child changes you in many surprising ways, and we’d like to provide you with the comfort and security that you need on your journey through parenthood.


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