A‑Plus Med​Booster‑i

When it comes to medical protection, you should always think about the future. Medical treatment costs are increasing year after year, hence you need the assurance that you’ll have the right coverage for years to come.

About A‑Plus Med​Booster‑i

A-Plus MedBooster-i complements your A-Plus Med-i or A-Life Med Regular-i coverage by boosting your Annual Limit coverage up to RM1.5 million with no Lifetime Limit, helping you cope with rising medical costs. You will have access to a wider option of medical treatments n Singapore and cover for out-patient Dengue Fever treatment. Enjoy high lifetime limit for out-patient cancer and kidney dialysis treatments and Room & Board Booster benefits.

What Does It Provided?

High Annual Limit Of Up To RM 1.5 Million

Enjoy up to RM1.5 million of medical protection every year.

No Lifetime Limit

While there is a limit on how much you can claim each year, there is no limit on how much you can claim in a lifetime.

Different Coverage Options

There are six medical plans you can choose from, depending on your needs

Hospital Rooms And Board Booster

Your hospital room and board limit may increase by 20% every two years, in the first 10 years of your plan.

Double Lifetime For Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis And Cancer Treatment

Get double the lifetime limit of A-Plus Med-i or A-Life Med Regular-i for out-patient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment.

Out-Patient Dengue Fever Treatment 

Get reimbursed for your out-patient dengue fever treatment

Hospitalisation Treatment In Singapore

If you are hospitalised or receive treatment in Singapore, we will reimburse you for the actual cost you incurred after converting to local currency.

A Closer Look At The Benefits

A-Plus MedBooster-i comes with Deductible Amount that differs by Plan type. On top ofthis, A-Plus MedBooster-i boosts the benefits of A-Plus Med-i or A-Life Med Regular-iby offering high annual limit, high lifetime limit of Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment and Cancer Treatment Benefit and additional benefits such as Hospital Room and Board Booster, Out-patient Dengue Fever Treatment and Overseas Hospitalisation Treatment in Singapore (applicable to Plan 500 only).


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