Life is full of uncertainties. To safeguard you and your loved ones’ future, planning for adequate protection should be one of your top priorities. 

About A-LifeProtectTerm

Are you new to life insurance and would like to start with a basic plan that is affordable?

A-LifeProtectTerm is a no-frills life insurance plan that gives you the freedom to select your level of protection, at a price you can afford.

What Does It Provided?

Basic Insurance Coverage

This plan will help your loved ones financially should you pass away. You have the option to add coverage for Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), depending on the type of plan you purchase.

Choice Of Coverage Plans

You can choose from three types of plans (level term plan, 5-year term plan or yearly renewable plan) depending on your affordability and desired length of coverage.

Guaranteed Renewal

You may renew your plan without having to go through the underwriting process again if you have purchased a 5-year term plan or a yearly renewable term plan.

Conversion Flexibility

You have the freedom to convert this plan to another permanent life policy (except for policies that provide critical illness coverage) without having to go through the underwriting process again.

A Closer Look At The Benefits

A-LifeProtectTerm offers you 3 choices of plan which provides different choices of coverage term or expiry age,depending on your needs.Provies coverage at a fixed duration of 5 years,with option to renew upon expiry.Provides coverage which expires on yearly basis,with option to renew upon expiry.


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